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"Flat Top Bookkeeping is THE BEST!! Hands down!! You won't find this level of service at this price anywhere else. They manage my bookkeeping, payroll, and personal and business taxes. They are fast, efficient, friendly, and very communicative!! Everything is completely taken care of and they do a wonderful job of taking care of my business financials!! So grateful for Mark and his amazing team, I can't recommend them enough!!"

Haley F.

"I recently moved all of my company's bookkeeping services to Flat Top Bookkeeping and have been so impressed with their entire team. They are professional, they respond quickly with accurate answers, they provide excellent monthly reporting, and they are happy to help with anything I or my team needs. I would highly, highly recommend them!"

Andrea W.

"I was really impressed with this team. I worked with Mark specifically and he was super awesome. The first thing to note is that he was really honest. He was able to help us with some things honestly while others may have taken advantage of it. Also, he was willing to educate us and show us why we were making errors and how to fix them for the future. He appreciate his expertise so much that we will probably hire him to help with our business finances and accounting in addition to tax preparation. Definitely recommend this group!"

Ryan R.

"Flat Top Bookkeeping is awesome! They were impressively fast and honest with their approach. They went above and beyond with my tax preparation in that I received more money than anticipated. Additionally, their price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend them."

Adam C.

"Working with Flat Top is an absolute joy. My payroll is now zero stress. They do all the work fast and efficiently. They are a very friendly and answer all my questions. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of bookkeeping help."

Jeff H.

"I would give Flat Top Bookkeeping a 10 star rating if I could. They have been helping me with my books for about 9 months and I couldn't be happier. They are totally on top of things, their prices are very fair and they are incredibly honest. Try Flattop Bookkeeping, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED"

Jennifer E.

"It was great working with Flat Top. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Flat Top to others. Thank you Mark and Flat Top Bookkeeping!"

Aston F.

"I can't say enough good things about Mark and his team at Flat Top Bookkeeping!"

Selene B.

"This year, I hired Flat Top Bookkeeping and it has been worth EVERY penny."

Dane G.

"Flat Top Accounting Solutions has a Profit Focus system they are helping me set up that guarantees I know exactly what my profits are. It is so nice to look at my books and know where I sit at any given moment!

I highly recommend you give Mark and Flat Top Bookkeeping the opportunity to clean up your business!"

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