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Flat Top Accounting Solution’s Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find the answers to many of your questions below. If you still need more information, a Flat Top Accounting Solutions’ team member is happy to assist you. We offer Saratoga Springs, UT, on-site consultation and nationwide remote service. 

What size businesses do you service?

We service all size businesses; however, our main focus is on SMBs (Small to Mid-Size Businesses).

What cloud-based systems do you work with?

QuickBooks® Online, Gusto, Patriot Software, QuickBooks Payroll,, Track1099, MyTaxPrepOffice among others.

Do I need to have my books cleaned up and caught up before I hand them over to you?

No, with clean-up and/or catch-up add on services, the Flat Top Accounting Solutions team of specialists will set up your industry-specific general ledger in the cloud-based accounting solution that best fits your company’s needs.

Do you service clients with multiple businesses?

Yes, we will set up each individual business with its own accounting file in QuickBooks® Online. We can also consolidate the multiple company financials with our Specialty Reporting Add-on service.

What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant? Do I need one over the other?

A bookkeeper does the monthly general ledger transaction maintenance whereas an accountant is responsible for the reviewing and analyzing of the financial statements. With Flat Top Accounting Solutions, you get the best of both worlds! We take care of the monthly general ledger maintenance as well as review and analyze your financial statements. With 20+ years of accounting experience and master’s degrees in accounting, Flat Top Accounting Solutions gives you the peace of mind that your books are being cared for in the right way.

Why should I hire an outsourced bookkeeper when I could do the books myself?

When it comes to the maintenance of your books and financials, it is important that they are accurate, in compliance with accounting principles, and are being maintained frequently. With the Flat Top Accounting Solutions team, you get all of this. You get a dedicated team with accounting expertise that will aid in making sure that your books are completed on-time and are accurate. Books that are not kept up to date can cost a business owner lots of money, time, and in some instances, their business. By outsourcing bookkeeping, a business can save tens of thousands of dollars (i.e., salary, benefits, training, etc.). Flat Top Accounting Solutions is here to help you lift your business to new heights.

We offer more than accounting. We offer balance, freedom, and peace of mind.

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